Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sprouting Wheat!

Well, the fact is obvious:  I need a new camera!  Please forgive the blurry photos.  We bought our digital camera back in the days when the lowest priced one I could find was $300...somewhere around 2004.  With our intense budgeting, I cannot just grab money and go buy one.  I will have to save my monthly pocket money for awhile. 

Anyway, I began trying to sprout my wheat berries on Monday evening.  I put them in a jar, filled the jar with cool water and covered the top with a nylon footie secured by the jar ring.  Then I shook them up and swirled them around and drained the water out a couple of times to clean them.  Finally, I refilled the jar with water and let it set on my cool sunless countertop for the night.  In the morning I swirled the water again, drained the jar, and refilled it.  Here is what it looked like:

Tuesday evening I swirled and drained again, then added water and swirled and drained well...shaking it a little and patiently waiting for the water pouring out to become a slow drip.  Now you are not keeping the grains in water aquarium style like above, but just wanting to keep them moist.  I put the jar upside down in a bowl to continue draining, but tilted to still get air like this:

I also covered the glass part with a towel, leaving the end open so it could get air.  I had heard that you don't want it exposed to light.  I continued swirling and rinsing twice a day.

On Wednesday evening, I noticed small white sprouts had begun to emerge!  From all the websites I have read about it, they say that you should make your bread when the sprouts are about 1/3 the length of the grain.  I think they will be ready tonight so am looking forward to making Essene bread tonight!  Wish me luck!

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