Monday, October 24, 2011

Things have been ok for me....except that I'm a zombie now....

In the spirit of upcoming All Hallows Eve, I thought I would repost this hilarious zombie song.  Jonathan Coulton is so creative and funny.  I love the lyrics:  "I'm not a monster, Tom, well...technically I am...I guess I am."

Warning: some cartoon gore!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three Dog Night

Dedicated to my Australian friend, Liz who always cheers me with her comments.  Three Dog Night took their name from an Aussie saying about how cold the night was and how many dogs you should sleep with.  :)

We probably all are familiar with the few hits of Three Dog Night that continue to play on oldies radio stations: One, Joy to the World, Black and White, Mama Told Me Not to Come, and Shambala.  But it's easy to forget how big a sensation they were in the early 70s.

When I was about 8, my older brothers scratched their Three Dog Night: "Naturally" album and so gave it to me.  I had a little kiddy record player in my room to play my disney and sesame street music.  This was my first non-childrens album and I loved it.  Here are a several Three Dog Night songs you might remember if you are old enough...or might enjoy hearing for the first time if you are that young.   :)

No matter whether or not you take the time for all of these clips, don't miss the last one.  It is joyful.  :)

First, a love song...gentle and simple...Sunlight.

Here is a funny clip from a CBS Variety Show starring Lily Tomlin featuring Three Dog Night Performing Eli's Coming.  Better hide your heart!

Remember records?  Turntables, needles...getting good at setting the needle on just at the start of your favorite song (took talent, I can tell you!).  Here is Three Dog Night's I Can Hear You Calling spinning on the turntable.  Love that scratchy sound at the beginning.  Ahh, memories!

As I was hunting around YouTube looking for more Three Dog Night, I came across this incredible blast from the past:  Three Dog Night performing on Hugh Heffner's Playboy After Dark TV show!  I had no idea there was such a show...very risque for the era.  Hugh himself (very young) is doing the interviewing and there are some groovy dance sequences.  Three Dog Night performs two songs: Nobody and Better Find Someone to Love.  Enjoy!

Three Dog Night making an ecological (or sociological?) statement.  The Family of Man.

This was probably my favorite Three Dog Night song as a child...not because of the accusation...I think I just liked the way it sounded.  Here is Three Dog Night's Liar.

I love this never fails to lift my spirits and remind me of what's important.  I know it is often played on the radio, so I wasn't even going to include it here.  But, I found this video on YouTube and had to share it.  What a wonderful trip this must have been!  What a perfect video to Three Dog Night's Shambala!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alaska bear cub in grocery store

This is a grocery store just a few blocks from where I work. Saturday afternoon, a little bear came in and climbed around in the produce. Poor little guy....he is way too small for this time of year and won't make it on his own.

Friday, October 14, 2011

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