Friday, June 15, 2012

Faun Fables - Eternal

I love this clip.   The song is great by Faun Fables, but it doesn't even start until 2 minutes into this clip.  It turns to English at about 30 seconds in, so hang on. 

This is a show in Israel interviewing Faun Fables who are known as "Freak Folk" musicians from Oakland, California.  It's like oil and water between the interviewer and the band at first.  Then they jam together!   Hilarious, as well as a chance to spread the cool song, Eternal.

"I want what is not easy, love me without adornments..."


  1. oh I could sit by their campfire
    will have to look them up to hear more
    Strange way that she it
    however...I may need to read these lyrics....
    to truly get them....'s the island?

    1. Camping with Faun Fables! Sounds wonderful. I like their song and dance.

      Our Alaskan island is truly lovely right now. We have had only scant rain the last week, which is like none to us, and temps reaching into the 60s at times. Quite toasty!

      I had to slow down for a bear crossing the road on my way to work last week...and a deer this morning. And, it is eagle season! We have bald eagles year round, but they seem to congregate in town more in May and June. I usually see at least 8 just in driving back and forth to work each day.

      And, the tourists have arrived! They pour out of the cruise ships every morning and tumble into town...clogging the roads and sustaining us for yet another year. I just love the opportunity to mingle with folks from all over the world...and people on vacation tend to be in such a great mood!

      How's life on your part of the planet?

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