Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What does an eagle sound like?

If I may engage in a bit of anthropomorphism, by their visage eagles seem serious, angry, and harsh.

To be blunt, they look really pissed off.  To look at them, I imagine they are plotting some revenge...out flying around with a score to settle...watch out!

We have bald eagles all over here on the island and I usually see them every day.  Before I moved to Alaska, I imagined that these majestic large predatory birds must have a screech that signals impending death...a sound like we might imagine comes from an ancient teradactyl.  Or at least like a hawk:

But no.  I was totally wrong.  Eagles do not sound majestic nor dangerous nor even masculine.  Eagles surprisingly sound like girly birds chattering at some coffee klatch:

They woke me up the other morning with all their incessant squeaking and chattering.  I thought to myself that many people probably aren't aware of the silly sound they make, so decided to share. 

 Did you know?

1 comment:

  1. oh what a treat!
    I have seen them by the Mississippi river
    they are so beautiful
    and that hawk.....yikes!


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