Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Followers

Welcome, new followers.  I am honored by your presence.  :)   I will check out your blogs too! 

It is silly the thrill I get when I see a new "follower".  I also wish I could change that term!  Makes me feel like I am asking people to agree with or support anything I do.  It should be "interested party" perhaps....

Any ideas?


  1. I agree! Whenever I gain a "follower," I jump for joy inside, but the name definitely makes me feel like I'm some cult leader; it assumes superiority. I love the interest rather than worship!

  2. doesn't bother me
    it is actually what we do
    follow along other blogs
    because we are interested in what they say or do
    I would like to ask about the bread..was it good
    and how is different than any other bread whole wheat recipe?


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