Friday, February 11, 2011

I just can't get it out of my head...

This is a song that I learned while attending a Cornucopia seminar in the 70s.  Powerful stuff that I have kept in my heart all these years and sing often enough so that I won't forget it.  I just thought I would share.  Anyone else read The Handbook to Higher Consciousness or get involved in the Cornucopia seminars or communal living?

Beware what you tell yourselves children of light
Demanding and judging will alter your sight
And forcing your way only leads to a fight
Cause nothing is wrong more than anything's right

When life didn't please us, we made ourselves sad
When we couldn't control things, we made ourselves mad
This kept us from loving what we already had
What we want we call good, what we don't we call bad

Wherever you wander don't leave love behind
Whatever you're giving is what you will find
Accept what life shows you or live like the blind
The beauty or ugliness comes from your mind

Remember our spirit and follow your heart
We can make our own troubles or take them apart
When the tradgedy ends watch the comedy start
In the story of life your just playing your part

Summer Raven ~ Cornucopia ~ Living Love Ministries


  1. hmmm interesting
    did you make the bread?

  2. Hi Suz!

    I posted an update on the bread. Unfortunately, I am a chronic workaholic as well as a sometimes blogger and adventurous cook, so haven't had a time to get started yet. Thanks so much for your interest.

    By the way, I am enjoying following your posts as well. I just don't always comment because you have so many followers and they often have already expressed what I would have said. :)

  3. Loved the bread!! And quoting the Cornucopia song opens my heart with many memories. Do you remember I taught a 5 or 6 week class from the handbook. Lovely, loving philosophy.

  4. Thanks, Mystic Mom! I was just thinking now of the song that says: Living love is how I start. Which I think goes along with your first post. :)


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