Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ancient Bread Update

For those of you interested in the ancient sprouted flourless bibical bread I plan to make (Whoo!  what a long description!), I just bought the wheat berries yesterday, so now will have to put them in water for a few days to sprout. 

To sprout I have to put the wheat berries in a jar with an aerated top.  I thought I would put a piece of nylong hose over it and seal with a rubberband.  Then you alternately soak and rinse the wheat berries until you have sprouts at least as long as the berries themselves.  I think it takes about three days.  I will try to get started on it tomorrow. 

I don't have a food processor so am contemplating the best way to crush the sprouts.  I have a wooden pestle, but it is way too small...I need a big stone pestle/mortar.  Maybe I will put them in wax paper and roll them with my rolling pin.

I may be silly, but I am a hold-out on the food processor.  I just would rather do things by hand...get the exercise and be closer to the food.  Weird, I know.  :)
I will definitely post on here as soon as I have sprouts!


  1. thanks for getting back to my question..I'm waiting
    a hold you are dedicated
    but you know...I honor that

  2. Hi Suz!

    Looks like I will be going for a food processor after all. :( Oh David Bowie sang:

    Time may change me, but I can't change time


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