Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peeps Gone Wild!

Is there a possibility for me to meet international friends through Blogger?  Usually I get four or six or maybe twelve hits on my posts.  But the PEEPS that I posted around Easter time got over 900 hits!!!!!

How did this happen?  I am guessing someone liked it and emailed it to someone else who emailed it to their friends....I guess that is how these things always happen.  It just has never happened to me before.

EVEN MORE AMAZING is that the readers are from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!  Excuse my caps, but one of my passions is to get to know people from cultures different than mine.  Much love to you, my American friends, but I AM SO EXCITED to make a potential friend from elsewhere. 

People from the following countries have read my posts (at least the Peeps one!):

United Kingdom
Puerto Rico

If you are from one of these countries (or any non-North American country), PLEASE post a comment and say hi!  I would so love to hear from you.!

And for my American readers, I will keep you "posted" on if I get any response.   Also, if you are a blogger yourself, please let me know if you have made any international friends through blogging.  Or, if you have any old comment of any kind, I would love to hear it! 

Peace and Love All! 

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