Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back on Blog with thoughts of revealing our highest truths....

Many years ago when I was new to commitment, my then boyfriend (now husband) and I read "The Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach.  I am a huge Bach fan, but that is for another blog.

One thing that stuck with us was the concept of Highest Truth.  It is a concept that has done amazing things for our lives and one in which we taught and raised our daughter.

The idea is simple:  We go day to day busy and working mainly off of an auto-pilot or surface part of ourselves.  People say: how is it going?  You say: great!  But is it really?  In our family, we could ask each other for the Highest Truth.  That meant that you had to stop what you were doing and really explore your thoughts or feelings about a given subject and reveal your innermost being.

For example, let's say your brother is ill.  A loved one might ask you how you are coping.  You are likely to give an answer based on your hopeful positive self (which I am not bashing at all). 

You might say:  I am sure it will be alright.  He is strong and the doctors are good. 

Now, when you are asked for Highest Truth, you must look beyond...peel back the layers of autopilot and positive thinking.  What is really there at the core?

It might be:  I am terrified that I might lose him and don't know how I can live on without him.

Now your loved one knows you at your core being.  This is so important in a relationship, because, although you are keeping up the brave face in the situation, what you really feel...the what your emotions will be based on and will effect all the other areas of your life.  By revealing this Highest Truth, you allow your loved one to understand and support you.  Thus giving them the opportunity to help you....maybe just by knowing and recognizing this thought with doesn't necessarily require further discussion.

Look for the highest truth in yourself...and share it completely with those you love.  Give them the opportunity to love your darker, disappointing, unfulfilled, and immature areas of self as well as your beautiful shining parts.  You find your friends among those who will love both.  And you become a friend when you see all in another as part of one beautiful path of their life.

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