Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Hope

Today is full of hope.  I really feel it....new and uplifting...lightening the spirit.  My husband and I have made new year's resolutions of

 1) Sticking to our new budget
2) Not buying any more junk food

I know these sound like the normal things that people resolve, but we have never made a serious agreement about this before and I feel that we will make a real change in our lives.  The reason this is so exciting is we have started a savings account for our SAILBOAT.  We have dreamed of living aboard for years and finally we have made the first tiny step in the right direction.  Our budget includes monthly donations into this savings account. 

I hope that all of you can make changes in your lives that inspire you.  I am listening to a book on tape right now called "Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire".  It's okay, I guess...I have just started it.  However, I believe you can find wisdom anywhere (anyone ever read Illusions?).  And I found an awesome line in this book.  The main character is bemoaning to her coworker (a surfer dude stereotype) about her divorce and life and why does this happen to her.  His advice is that "everybody wipes out, dude!"  He says she just needs to get back out there and "squat in the curl until your calves cramp up".  Now, I have never surfed, but I found this to be sage advice.  If you have made a new year's resolution, throw yourself into it!  Give it all you've got and don't worry about maybe failing.  If you fail, well, everybody wipes out.  Review your goals, think creatively about your methods, and get back out there and squat in the curl, dude!


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