Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hubby with Grandpa and Pig

My husband and I ran across this old photo the other night and I had to share it.  My husband's Grandpa owned a cattle ranch in California and my husband spent many happy summers and weekends there growing up. 

Grandpa was an amazing man.  He was 72 in this picture and lived well into his 90s working the ranch up until the last few years.  He wasn't much into travelling anywhere.  He would say:

"Why would I want to go anywhere?   I live right here in God's country."

Here is a recent pic of the ranch.  You can kind of see his point. 

We took these pics when visiting last year.  The ranch has been in the family for generations.  Standing in the sunshine there was such a feeling of place...of history...of connection with generations going back and back.  Here are a few more pics.  


  1. G'day Raven.
    What great pictures, it sure is beautiful country, very similar to where we live on our farm here, though sadly we have sold and move in six weeks. I can totally understand why Grandpa didn't need to travel when he could look out on that everyday. Take care. Liz...

  2. It is beautiful...and so warm and dry...lol. I make special note of that as I now live in the rainforest (cold and wet)!


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